What is letterpress?

Letterpress is the oldest form of printing and during the 1950’s advances in machinery caused this type of printing to be overshadowed by other more modern processes.

It is a time and labour intensive process, with each item being printed individually. The letterpress punches the designs into the paper creating a beautiful relief not achieved with other kinds of printing. A clean, crisp look is achieved that can be both seen and felt. The cards have an old worldly, handcrafted feel to them, which makes them different to cards printed on a more modern printing machine.

 Can I order custom work?

Yes, we do offer a bespoke service. Please feel free to browse our website www.essieletterpress.co.za

Can I pay via EFT?

Yes, please email me on Essie@essieletterpress.co.za and I can send you an invoice, along with our banking details.